Imagine being the construction guy who gets to go tell the principle of an elementary school that during renovations, you discovered a time capsule. That's what one construction crew experienced last week, as they were doing work on Central Elementary in the Kenowa Hills School district, near Grand Rapids. On Monday the school board opened the capsule to find a wave of 60's nostalgia.

Inside the capsule was a block that had "1967" etched into it, which is what Principle Cherie Horner described to FOX 17 as she recalls how it was discovered and what it contained: "This was welded shut, it was completely waterproof when we found it. When they were demoing it, they took the rock down and noticed something inside the rock down and that’s where they found the time capsule. They have a list of all the courses kids took, as well as tumbling, which I thought was interesting, shop and home economics. And also fees; so in 6th grade your books cost $6 and PE cost $4."


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