Ohio, the Big 10 Rivals of Michigan State and University of Michigan, showed how they prepared for the football season with this quick time lapse video.

Ohio Stadium hosted an International Championship Cup match July 27 between Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain. A grass playing surface was installed for the match. This time lapse displays match action and the removal of the grass surface.

OSU Buckeyes via YouTube

This is going to sound crazy. But, I had no idea the logos and stuff was printed on the turf. This blew my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I see this is COMPLETELY logical. I mean, it's not grass. So the logos and yard lines can be "printed" on the field. I just ... you know never thought about it.

If you don't know anything about me, I'm not Mr. Sports or whatever. Even though I grew up in the south where football is a religion, just not really my thing.

Oh, I've been to a game or two in my time and it was fine. I understand the rules of football and baseball. I have a basic understanding of basketball and hockey. I watched soccer one time and was completely lost.

Maybe, I'm not mr sports because I went to a high school that didn't offer football? We had fencing (sword fighting), but no football. Weird right?

Anyway, learn something new every day I guess.

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