How did you spend New Year's Eve? Strolling around downtown? Driving to a friends house? Sipping on coffee at MadCap? If you passed through downtown Grand Rapids on NYE you might just be in this time lapse.

A timelapse filmed in downtown Grand Rapids, MI on New Year's Eve 2016.

If you have ever been to Grand Rapids you will see a lot of places that you know!

Filmed and edited by myself, Justin Razmus,

Justin Razmus via YouTube

Pretty cool video!

I, being old and lame, spent New Year's Eve with my wife at home fast asleep by 10 p.m.. We got a nice night's sleep, went to church, then I came to work. It was a good day.

Now, in my younger days I used to spend lots of money on fireworks. Make a show for the neighborhood to see. Then, one year, I thought to myself, 'I spent $100 on fireworks.... I have literally taken a one hundred dollar bill out of my pocket and set it on fire. That's silly.'

That was the last time I did fireworks. Maybe, once we have kids who are old enough to enjoy fireworks will we make a thing out of it.

For now, I'll enjoy some shut eye and waking up early to see all of the embarrassing things my drunk friends put on social media before they wake up and delete it all.

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