I've been looking at buying a Used Cars for weeks and every time I find something that looks good it's sold, or not even on the lot yet. Guess What - There is a shortage of cars right now in the US, both Used and New. Used Cars sell within days and several New Cars you want on not on the lots because of production delays from of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here's what surprised me - Payments on a New Car are close to several Used Cars. Why? because of the interest rate on your payment. It may actually be cheaper on a monthly payments to your cash flow basis to buy a New Car. New Cars you can still get Zero % and lowest interest rate on Used Cars was 2.68% from my local Credit Union. If you looking at New Cars HURRY! Several dealers have told me that Zero % Financing and Deferred No Payments for 90 days may be going away at the end of the month. Why because they don't need to do it.

Looking at New Cars - here are the FEATURES you'll want for Safety and Convenience  on a new vehicle. There have been a lot of improvements in the last 10 years if you're trading in a 2010.

Here are some safety features you’re going to want.

  • AWD or FWD: you live in Michigan it only makes sense. Not only for the snow, but during the heavy rain. Your car can adjust traction instead of hydroplaning. If you’re a boat owner this a must. I’ve seen a guy with a brand new 2WD drive not be able to pull the boat out of the water from a slippery ramp covered in Algae.
  • HEATED EVERYTHING: You thought Heated Seats were great. Wait until you add Heated Steering Wheel. Heated Armrest now too. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. This can be added as part of a COLD WEATHER PACKAGE.
  • LANE KEEPING ASSIST: Great new safety feature that warns you when you move out of your lane in some cars actually moves you back into your lane. This takes a little getting used to, when you’re purposely trying to give room when passing a big truck.

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If you see a car you like either New or Used DO NOT HESITATE! They are Going Fast.

Car Dealers are advertising Used Cars that aren't even on their lots, haven't been inspected and detailed yet to get you in the door. Call ahead and save yourself a trip. I was looking at one car advertised and dropped by a lot 3 times in 2 weeks and that car was never on display until this week. Good Luck on your car shopping!

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