And sometimes between 3 and 7 in the afternoons you can celebrate College Radio Day EVERYday! ;) I remember the first time I was "really" on the air...was the fall of 1988 at CMU. I worked the morning show 3 days a week at WCHP, which was the little college station at Central you could only hear in the dorms!

Yes, you could only get the station if your radio was next to an electrical outlet, and I only got 3 calls...all semester. But I didnt care, I was on the air. Playing songs. Talking like a fool. My job there led to my first REAL job in Battle Creek. So my time on the air in Mt Pleasant was pretty awesome!

Here's a story about college radio from All Access "College Radio Day Oct. 1st" and here's the link to the College Radio Day website.

And here's a picture of me back in college...Mullet time!