Not only should you relax anyway, but when the mayor of Grand Rapids tells you to relax, you'd better listen!

It's National Relaxation Day! Here's a day I can get on board with!

Hizzonor took to the streets to proclaim today to be National Relaxation Day here in Grand Rapids.

OK, he actually made the proclamation on Facebook. I'm not sure that actually is official, binding or even real. But it's real enough for me!

Mayor George Heartwell posted:
He said,

WHEREAS, wellness and contentment, both fundamental components of a life well lived, are results of practiced relaxation; and
WHEREAS, it is vital to clear our calendars, unplug from technology and make time for daily self-care to refresh and renew our bodies and minds; and
WHEREAS, the simple act of smiling or breathing deeply or stretching our muscles results in a chain reaction of responses that revitalizes our physical and mental health; and
WHEREAS, a life balanced with a commitment to relaxation is a life without fatigue, burn out, or stress related illnesses;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, George K. Heartwell, Mayor of the City of Grand Rapids, do hereby recognize August 15, 2014, as RELAXATION DAY in Grand Rapids, and urge all citizens to take the time to refresh, reflect, and relax in your own way.

Who am I to argue with the mayor? He can marry people and he gets his parking tickets fixed; perks of the job.


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