This week we are checking out two new movies coming out in theaters.

Together Together

Let’s kick it off with the romantic drama, Together Together. It’s a a story about a single guy who wants to become a father and builds an odd relationship with the surrogate mother.  As she slowly gets closer to the due date, their relationship begins to turn from acquaintance, to friend, to maybe something more.

Together Together is getting pretty solid reviews with Rotten Tomatoes scoring it a 93% certified fresh, and metacritic isn’t too far behind with a 70/100.  You can see Together Together in theaters right now.

Mortal Kombat

The big movie this weekend is the much anticipated Mortal Kombat, based on the best selling video game franchise.  If you have never played any of the games, the story follows about a dozen "champions" from around the world who are summoned into a tournament where the participants fight to the death.  

Like most movies based on video games, Mortal Kombat is getting mixed reviews with Rotten Tomatoes scoring it a 53% and metacritic gave it a 43/100.

You can hear the movies reviewed by Steve below.

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