Ugh - well Black Friday has come and gone, and all that's left are a few bumps and bruises, and for those, look no further than Walmart! Walmart opened early with huge deals, and people were ready to pounce -- maybe a little too much. At least two dozen shoppers were injured and several were arrested... All to save a few bucks? Not me thanks!

Here's the Top 10 List:

1)  Los Angeles: 20 customers (including kids) suffered injuries after being pepper sprayed by a fellow shopper. Police say she used the spray to get a better shot at a discounted Xbox.

2) San Landro, CA: A shopper was shot after fighting two armed men who were out to steal his purchases.

3) Upstate New York: Two women were arrested after fist fighting in the electronics department.

4) Kinston, NC: Cellphones marked from $200 to $35 caused fists to fly between customers -- security had to use pepper spray to regain order.

5) Right here in west Michigan - Muskegon:  A teen was treated for injuries after being trampled repeatedly by customers rushing to the electronics department.

6) Phoenix, AZ: A grandfather who put a video game in his waistband to lift his grandson above a rowdy crowd for safety was thrown to the ground by police.

7, 8, 9, 10) Walmart stores in Woodland Park, CO, Neosho, MO, and Bentonville, Ark, all received bomb threats.

Here's a video of some madness:

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