Well, of COURSE Michigan has to be on the list. It's not like there are deer in Florida or South Carolina Or Mississippi.

Actually, South Carolina and Mississippi are on the list. 10th and 6th respectively. Florida isn't on the list. Neither is Michigan. Whattttt?

"Top 10 states where you’re likely to hit a deer"

"According to State Farm Insurance, for the eighth year in a row, West Virginia tops the list of states where a collision is most likely. The odds a driver in the Mountain State will collide with a deer are 1 in 39, nearly a 5 percent increase compared to 2013.

Hawaii rounds out the bottom of the list also for the eighth year in a row with odds of 1 in 10,281. Hawaiians are three times more likely to get struck by lightning in their lifetime than they are to hit a deer in the next year."

The top 10. With odds. In case you are heading to Vegas

1. West Virginia 1 in 39
2. Pennsylvania 1 in 71
3. Montana 1 in 75
4. Iowa 1 in 77
5. South Dakota 1 in 82
6. Mississippi 1 in 84
7. Wisconsin 1 in 85
8. Minnesota 1 in 88
9. Virginia 1 in 88
10. South Carolina 1 in 93

Michigan HAS to be 11th.

Matt Gibson/ThinkStock