Ah. the McLean, we hardly knew ya. And Satisfries. Here for a fleeting moment then back off the menu. All kinds of hype and build up, and then Thud. A fast food menu items goes nowhere.

Here's a good list of the top 10 fast food flops. I'm not talking about Limited Time Only offers that bomb and never come back. These are the Arch Deluxes and McPizza's of the Fast Food world. Here is a sample of the list:

8. Bell Beefer from Taco Bell

This sandwich was basically a taco on a bun, or a Sloppy Joe.

The taco franchise, famous for its "Think Outside the Bun" campaign discontinued the "Bell Beefer" in the 1980s, but not before it developed a loyal group of fans. Some of whom are still demanding the sandwich's return to Taco Bell's menu.

7. McDLT from McDonald's

It wasn't so much what was inside the "McDLT" that had customers angry with McDonald's, but rather the packaging the burger came in.

Introduced in 1984 the "McDLT" was just a burger with lettuce and tomato. The "McDLT" came in a double-sided Styrofoam box, with the beef patty on one side, and the lettuce and tomato on the other.

The idea was to have the customer build their own burger, and the fixings were kept separate so the burger stayed hot and the vegetables stayed cold.

However, the burger was discontinued in 1990 as Mickey-D's was facing a public relations crisis over the environmental impact of its signature Styrofoam packaging, CNBC said.

6. Priazzo from Pizza Hut

Introduced in 1985 the "Priazzo" was a deep-dish pizza made with two crusts and layers of cheese, sauce, and a smattering of pork toppings.

The company spent $15 million on the ad campaign for the "Priazzo," and fearlessly predicted the Chicago-style pie would bring in $250 million in sales during the first year, CNBC reports.

As it turns out the pizza took too long to make, and failed as customers weren't willing to wait around for what was supposed to be fast food. The pizza didn't meet expectations and was pulled a few years after it was put on the market, CNBC added.