Okay - most of us have done at least some of these, so fess up!

A dating website asked their subscribers what part of their online dating profile is embellished (translation: "big fat lie"), and what they discovered is most of us lie -- 53% of Americans to be exact, lie about themselves to give a better first impression. So what is it we lie about?

Top 10 for Men:


Job (better than it is)

Height (taller)

Weight (losing or gaining a few pounds)

Physique (atheletic)


More senior than they really are at work

Interesting profession

Knowing celebrities

Having a PA (personal assistant)

Working in the film industry


Lies told by Women:

Weight (losing a few pounds)

Age (losing a few years)

Physique (toned)



Bust (bigger than it is)

Glamorous profession

Knowing celebrities

Having a PA

Working in entertainment