'Tis the season for us to let the holidays stress us out, and is one of the reasons I'm always glad the holidays finally end! Do you get stressed out at the holidays. How many of these have you been a part of?

1. The mother-in-law fight. His mom hates your cooking—he says she's just being helpful.

2. The money fight: You want to throw a holiday party; he says you can't afford it.

3. The travel fight: You missed your flight—because he couldn't find his scarf.

4. The location fight: He wants to spend the holidays with his family, you want to spend it with yours.

5. The gifts fight: You got him an iPad and he got you… a $25 Amazon.com gift card

6. The family fight: You feel smothered by his family; he doesn't understand what your "deal" is.

7. The kids fight: You want to buy the kids the gifts they want. He says you're spoiling them.

8. The traditions fight: He wants to skip the Christmas carols this year, you don't.

9. The time fight: He says you're working too much; you say you're trying to earn a big bonus to pay for all your holiday expenses.

10. The exhaustion fight. One or both of you is exhausted—and you take it out on each other.

Happy Holidays - they're almost over!

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