Okay, we've all had relationships.  We've all had troubles in them. Well, most of us.  Any of these in yours? If so, you may have cause to worry. Then again, maybe not, I think a lot of these things maybe just happen over time in any relationship.

1 You're always the one calling and initiating IMs and texts.

2 Your significant other stops offering to pay and does fewer favors.

3 Fewer terms of endearment used — by either of you.

4 When you do hang out, you choose nontalking activities like watching a movie.

5 You're relieved when plans are canceled.

6 The sex stops. Obvious but true!

7 When you imagine your future, your significant other is not there.

8 You spend more time with friends separately.

9 You actually have fun when you go out to clubs dancing.

10 One of you is cheating. It sounds as obvious as no sex, yet people stay in unfaithful relationships all the time.

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