Bob Seger came back to town last year. Jane's Addiction is coming back in March after 25 years. Van Halen is out on tour again. All these great acts are coming back around. Here's My list of the Top 5 bands I want to come back to town.

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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Anthony Kiedis. Hometown Boy. On tour this summer. Makes sense. Homecoming at Van Andel. Last played Grand Rapids, 2006.

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images
    Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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    Van Halen

    Remember Van Halen Arena? Diamond Dave and the boys wrapped up the "reunion" tour in July 2008 here. Obviously they need the money because they are back. Although this tour seems to be a bigger deal than the last one. The new single, however, doesn't. Kinda crappy.

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    Hall and Oates

    H&O are back! The Live at Darryl's House web shows have brought the 80's pop rockers back to musical prominence. But the "Sara Smile" guys haven't been back to Grand Rapids since 1980, when they played the old Great Northern Music Hall on Division. Devos would be perfect for the guys who aren't "Out of Touch" anymore!

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    Guns N' Roses

    This might be a pipe dream, but GNR's only GR performance was in 1988 at Devos. Axl, Slash, Izzy and whoever rocking Van Andel would be big. I think at least.

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    Huey Lewis and the News

    Yeah they were just here, but still. Great show! Great band! And this is MY list! So please come back Huey! Maybe if I'm living in a "Perfect World".


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