Bring on the heatwave - and I bring to you the top 5 FREE way to keep cool if you don't have AC.   You're welcome.

5)  Woodland and Rivertown Crossings Mall -

Yep, plenty of space in both, ice cream available in both, restrooms, places to walk around, places to rest. Heck, one of them even has a mattress store to sneak a snooze on!  Spend a few hours at the Mall.

4) Movie Theater  -

Good day to catch a double feature. Stop by and see our friends at the Goodrich quality theaters!  Yep, the sell slushies as well!

3) Meijer and Family Fare -

Grocery Stores must always be kept at temperature. Go shopping, and pick up things for a project or stuff you've been putting off doing. And yes, ice cream is all over the place!

2) Lakeshore Communities -

Grand Haven, Muskegon, Holland, South Haven, Saugatuck - Great beaches, cool water temps and ice cream and cool drinks abound by the beaches.

1) Friends House -

Yep, throw together a game night at your buddies house who's got the AC. Bring some beer and snacks over in showing your gattitude.

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