Guys, don't do any of, a card, dinner, the laundry, anything but these!

Here we go...from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska....the Top 5 Worst Mothers' Day Gifts Ever...

#5 A receipt for something wonderful the other woman got-
Zelda actually received a bill in the mail from a department store for a 14K gold chain and pendant, something her husband got as a Mother's Day gift for his, come to find out, longtime mistress across town.

#4 Anything with legs we're afraid of
Marie received a 3-foot-long iguana for Mother's Day. Her reaction: "I screamed!!!"

#3 A frying pan. A bra. Or both.
Joanie: "The worst Mother's Day gift I ever got was a frying pan with a bra inside it."

#2 A cactus plant
Leigh Anna: "I got a cactus. I'd like to say that it was the stupidest thing my ex-husband ever did.....but I'd be lying."

And...the Number 1 Worst Mothers Day Gift EVER! A loaf of bread!
"The worst Mother's Day gift I received was a Trader Joe's brown paper bag with a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread in it. I don't even like cinnamon raisin bread—he does!! I cried. My husband said he forgot and Trader Joe's was the only place open on Sunday morning"

Mrs. C does NOT Approve...