We all love the classic hits, and most of us love our classic Vinyl - and the sleves to go with them! So I present to you - the best places to find vinyl, 45's and the like! You never know - you might find a super rare gold pressing of Night Moves!

5)  Don't Laugh - tons and I mean TONS of records end up at Goodwill! 45's, 33's and everything else in between. You might even be able to find some other good deals on a lamp shade or toaster oven!


4) Well, if we included Goodwill, we have to include the ol' Salvation Army. The Store in Grand Rapids ALWAYS has tons of records in the basement. Make sure you check it out!

3) Vertigo Music - A Gem of a music store in downtown GR. Loads of CD's, Vinyl and other stuff, and lots of Indie label stuff too. Just south of the center of the city on Division

2) The store features mostly new and used vinyl LPs. While many record collectors believe that the store has been thoroughly picked over and most of the rare and valuable records are gone, the shop receives new merchandise (including used vinyl) on a regular basis.

Because Dodds' existed at a time when records were the preferred medium for music, it is still possible to find sealed copies of records by 80s era artists like Eddie Money. Presumably, these still sealed LPs remain on the shelves because fans chose other media such as cassettes or compact discs. Dodds has been around a LONG TIME!

1) The Corner Record Shop in Grandville is like walking into a time warp. TONS of vinyl, 45's, 78's and a huge selection of casettes and even 8 track and Betamax video tapes!  Don't miss the $1 vinyl section, and much of the vinyl is in fantastic shape. Located on Chicago Dr - it's a must for any vinylphile and if you just feel like being transported back to 1979!