I've never been married, but half of marriages won't make it to the 20-year mark. You can be that other half. Here are five tips from The Stir that may help you out. Some of them may seem somewhat obvious, but a good reminder never hurts!

1) Hang out with each other -- Spend time, quality time with each other. Do stuff you both enjoy, like watching silly movies, at least once a week.

2) Confront those pesky skeletons in your closet -- Carefully bring up how you don't like his snoring, and while you're on it, his mom, too. Just be ready for something that bugs him about you (impossible, right?).

3) Let some things go -- If the issue that bugs you is older than six months, let it go.

4) Dance in the kitchen in your socks once a week -- Even if you don't want to dance, and even if there's no music, dance.

5) Keep the spark alive -- Even if you have to schedule it, spend one night a week for a little 'mommy/daddy time,' if you know what I mean.

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