With the election is over lets take a look back on the moments the Presidential campaign of both candidates came to West Michigan.

Instead of ranking it based on "AWESOME" or whatever ... lets rank it chronologically


6. Bernie Sanders give speech at Grand Valley on March 4th


Back in March when Sanders was seeking the nomination of the DNC.


5. Hillary Clinton stops by on way Detroit - March 7th

It was a really quick stop but back in March on her way through town, Secretary Clinton stopped by to check out Atomic Object in Eastown and grabbed a Yesterdog for lunch.

I couldn't for the life of me find actual video of either stop. But here's a story about her visit.


4. Donald Trump's surprise visit to ArtPrize - September 30th


This one caught a lot of folks off guard, at least I didn't know he was supposed to be in town until after I saw that WZZM actually was able to score a quick interview with him.


3. Donald Trump's first campaign Speech to West Michigan with intro from Bobby Knight - October 31st


2. Hillary Clinton's Speech at Grand Valley - November 7th 4pm


1. Donald Trump's final campaign stop of 2016 - November 7th 11pm



Who knew that West Michigan would be so central to the election. No matter if you were for Sanders, Clinton, or Trump they all came by.

Which I think is pretty dang neat.

What was your favorite 2016 campaign moment? Were you able to see any of the speeches in person? How was it? Share below.


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