Okay - well, the big day to fail is tomorrow...  So know this before you ignore Valentine's Day... or you might pay the price. This is for the guys and ladies.

Percentage that DO NOT believe Valentine's Day is important to their partner:

Women - 37%

Men - 5%

Percentage that ABSOLUTELY believe Valentine's Day is for females:

Women - 19%

Men - 25%

Percentage that feel Valentine's Day requires a little hanky panky

Women - 11%

Men - 29%

Percentage that feel MEN should also be spoiled on Valentine's Day

Women - 19%

Men - 45%

Percentage that are jealous of romantic gestures others receive on Valentine's Day:

Women - 52%

Men - 16%

Percentage that think their partner would be DEVASTATED if they forgot Valentine's Day

Women - 13%

Men - 37%



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