Lead foot are you?  I've only ever had one speeding ticket, and it was for 5MPH over the limit, and quite honestly was bogus. So as a public service, I give you the top 6 ways to avoid a speeding ticket according to Readers Digest - Remember too, with all of the construction all over 131 - fines are doubled!

1. Understand that your car says a lot about you. Police officers decide whether you're getting a ticket or a warning before they even approach the vehicle, so keep your car maintained like you were driving it to a job interview. Keep it cleaned and decluttered. Spoilers, neon undercarriage lights, and tinted windows don't help your cause, either.


2. Wave at the hidden police cruiser. If you speed by a cruiser, a former police officer says the smartest thing to do is wave at the officer. Why? He will either think you know each other or think you recognize you need to slow down.


3. Never admit that you were speeding. Don't give the officer an edge if you contest the ticket in traffic court. When he says you were speeding, just reply, "I see," or "I was not aware of my speed."


4. Plead not guilty, and defer your court date as often as you can. The more time you put between your court date and speeding encounter, the better. As more time goes by, the less the officer will remember details of your encounter.


5. Know the tactics that can get your ticket dismissed. They differ from state to state, but here are a few that may help: The officer does not show up for court Two officers were in the patrol car, but only one shows for the court date A factual error, like wrong license plate number, on the ticket No correct speed limit sign posted within a reasonable distance from where you were pulled over (1/4 mile).


6. Secret weapon: POI Software. You can download POI (Points of Interest) software onto your GPS that will tell you when you're approaching stoplights that are hooked up to traffic cameras. The GPS manufacturers' home page will have the links.