Well, here is some minor good news... All of these things are expected to drop in price in 2012. Not that we'll have any money to spend on these things, but if you do, here are the top 8 you can look forward to grabbing "cheaper" than last year.

1) Apple iPad 2 --- thanks to the upcoming iPad 3

2) Wine --- With a struggling economy, we're not willing to shell out $30 for a bottle of wine. Wine sellers are adapting

3)Laptops that will replace your desktop

4) Android tablets --- Thanks to the $199 Kindle Fire, manufacturers are scrambling to be competitive

5) Car rentals --- Agencies have an excess of cars that need to be filled. Look for discounts.

6) eBook Readers

7) 3D HDTV's -- They're a tough sell. They cost more and you to also purchase those crazy 3D glasses

8) Homes --- Home prices are down and unemployment is still high. It's a buyers market through 2012.

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