Sitting home this holiday weekend?  Need to get out of the house?  Weather got you stuck inside?  I've got the cure... MOVIES!  Here are the top movies at the box office for the long weekend.

According to the Film School Rejects website, here is how it's shaping up...

  1. Apollo 18 – $16.1m NEW
  2. Shark Night 3D – $12.9m NEW
  3. The Help – $10.9m (-24.4%)
  4. The Debt – $6.6m NEW Opened Wednesday
  5. Colombiana – $5.2m (-49.9%)
  6. Rise of the Planet of the Apes –  $4.8m (-44.8%)
  7. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – $4.1m (-51.5%)
  8. Our Idiot Brother – $3.8m (-44.4%)
  9. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World – $3.2m (-46%)
  10. The Smurfs – $2.8m (-40.3%)

My own personal taste has me wanting to see the #1 movie, "Apollo 18".  A movie about a space mission that never took place, according to the government.  At least that is what sets the movie.  A sci-fi thriller that looks entertaining.  Shark Night 3D, Hmmm... looks & sounds like the 80's.  Jaws?  Jaws in 3D?  I was young, but sounds like a case of "been there, seen that" and The Debt looks pretty deep!  An angry group that vows revenge on ex-Nazi folks.

In any case, as may of you know, The Smurfs would probably keep my attention for an hour or two.