A Great ending for a 12-year-old boy and his ducks in Georgetown Township.  Wednesday night Georgetown Township leadership met for 3 hours hearing arguments from both sides as to whether or not the Dyke family would be able to keep the two therapy ducks, because of zoning laws,  according to WZZM 13.

Dylan has the therapy ducks because he has autism and the ducks help keep him calm and in a routine. Recently neighbors had an issue with the ducks wandering into other yards and pooping.  They also say the ducks stink, but I think they’re just tired of stepping in duck dung.

Anyway, the leadership heard everyone’s feedback and voted to let Dylan keep his ducks but he has to keep them out of other people’s yards, make sure they area they’re in is clean and not smell.   I feel like all things his mom has also told him.

Dylan’s dad told WZZM 13,

"We are very thankful of all the supporters that came out, not only in this community but nationwide and around the world. Messages from Australia, Europe, Japan, China.....people have really reached out and offered their support to us and we really appreciate it."

The township leaders will meet again in September to “lay out the rules” for young Dylan and his ducks Nibbles and Bill.

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