ArtPrize starts today!

And what's the cheapest and most efficient way besides walking or bicycling or maybe a Segway to get around the World's Largest Art Competition AND Grand Rapids during the event?

The Rapid! And with one of these little babies --


For only five bucks, you can ride ANY Rapid bus and route (including the new Silver Line) for the duration of ArtPrize, which runs through Oct. 12!

You don't have fight the crowds downtown, waste valuable gas AND risk the rising of your blood pressure.

Have you tried to turn anywhere downtown during the past ArtPrizes? It's nothing less than a nightmare.

"ArtPrize Wristband (The Rapid, DASH)
Gain unlimited rides on The Rapid and DASH transit systems for the duration of the ArtPrize event with an ArtPrize Wristband. Get two Wristbands for $5 at the ArtPrize HUB, any Exhibition Center, or one of several area Meijer stores. Seven participating Meijer stores carry this $5 bundle with a 2014 Event Guide, Map, and two Wristbands!"

You and a friend can ride around town for over two weeks for $2.50! Considering a normal bus ride is $1.50, this is an AWESOME deal!

Enjoy ArtPrize and get around for a great price!

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