A new camp retreat has opened just north of Grand Rapids in Rockford, Michigan. It's called Detach Primitive.

The almost 50-acre property officially opened on Monday, December 6th. It was created by founders Jarred Sper, Stephen Sper and Kyle Sischo. The trio wanted to develop a place for people to be able to enjoy, disconnect, and detach from the everyday world.

The camp retreat includes streams, a couple of hand-pumped wells, along with three bathrooms with incinerator toilets. About half of the property will also have a recreational trail that can be used for biking and cross-country skiing. The White Pine Trail runs through the property. An ice-skating rink is also in the plans.

The coolest part may be staying overnight at the retreat. Sleeping options include rentable structures like three tipis and two temporary bell tents. Soon to be completed are three A-Frames. Four additional structures are also being planned, including two hobbit houses, a yurt, and an undetermined structure.

My inner child comes out with the thought of sleeping in a TiPi! Your options to do that include...

Tipi North: This is a 300 square foot tipi, located at the center of the property. Imagine sleeping where "two brooks converge into one, and rippling water bounces off of the various hand-built stone water features." A dragonfly chimenea keeps the tipi warm with wood from the forest during the cold weather months.

TiPi Center: This is another 300 square foot tipi that is tucked away between two hillsides with access to the White Pine Trail. For those who are biking, hiking, or cross country skiing and want a quick way “on and off” the trail, this is the best location to stay in. It also includes a chimenea for heat.

TiPi South: An old bridge over the Silver Jack brook was repurposed into the retaining wall that holds together this special campsite. This is the furthest site South on the property. This location is "very quiet, private, and has amazing views of the forest." This tipi also has a dragonfly chimenea for warmth.

Another option, if you don't want to stay in a tipi, is the Ridge Bell Tent. This 200 square foot canvas bell tent is located at one of the highest points of the forest and comes with  a lovely view of the valley overlooking the brook. It's one of the largest campsites, but it does not include a source for heat.

For more information on the sites and to book your stay, check out the Detach Primitive website. They also have a Facebook page with additional information and photographs.

Detach Primitive is located at 3981 Summit Court NE in Rockford, Michigan.

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