The folks at Guilty Eats have decided to build a list of the top breakfast spots in every state, and a French restaurant Up North nailed down Michigan's top honor.

There's something about a good breakfast joint that invokes a home-cooked feeling like the big breakfasts my mom used to serve up back in the day. Key for me has always been a big plate with large servings of delicious eggs, bacon, and of course, a great cup of Joe.

Guilty Eats is the food section of the popular Fansided sports web site, which often ranks the best in food stops based on various criteria.

This week they did a deep dive on breakfast places across this great land of ours. I know from my travels that a good breakfast place is a God send to the driver looking to fuel up for a long day on the road, so this list will come in handy one day for sure.

Locally, there are many great breakfast places, like my perennial favorite Fat Boy on Plainfield, mainly because it's three blocks form my front door. Anna's House also has offers a great breakfast as does The Real Food Cafe in Alger Heights (and Plainfield), and of course, we'd be remiss not to mention Matchbox in Eastown.

But the top honor according to Guilty Eats went to a Traverse City eatery, Brasserie Amie, located on Front Street in downtown Traverse City.

TC has been under growing a growth spurt recently, and the number of quality restaurants there has been growing quickly.

I have stopped by the Brasserie during an up north swing recently and had a nice nosh, and although it wasn't breakfast, it was a decent lunch.

Here's what Guilty Eats said about Michigan's top breakfast joint:

This is probably a place that you might not expect to come out of a Midwestern state; however, given that they are so close, and are neighbors with Canada, some French flavors definitely come to life in this state. There are some delicious French favorites on this menu, most of which I’ve never even heard of before; however, I love trying new foods and different cuisines, so this place would definitely be for me, and not to far a drive from my hometown in NE Illinois! Woohoo!

Now, for what we’ve all been most importantly waiting for…let’s talk about their Saucisson + Lentilles! This is something that, for me, I wouldn’t expect to see on a breakfast menu. Here’s what it deliciously and interestingly consists of: grilled sausage, French lentils, and poached eggs. Now, this one’s for you Mom! Let’s try making this at home, what do ya say?

The fact that this guy was surprised to see sausage for breakfast is kind of weird, as it was always on my mom's breakfast menu, but what I need to know: is the coffee good?

So if you're in TC one morning, check out the Brasserie Amie.

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