Watch out rats of Troy Michigan, Pawfficer Donut is on the pawtrol. ( Meow c’mon, I couldn’t resist.)

Friday the Troy Police Department swore in their newest officer and the first actual feline to “serve and Purrrtect Troy Michigan.  They then introduced Pawfficer Donut to the world via Facebook.

If you remember, a few months ago, the Troy Police Department did a push on social media that went viral when they started the idea of finding their first feline officer.

They found Pawfficer (I swear that’s what they call the cats) Badges, but unfortunately, she was diagnosed with an infectious disease called feline leukemia.  So, Badges wasn’t able to stay as an active recruit within the Troy Police Department even though the say she “will always be the first pawfficer!”

So now they have Pawfficer Donut and plenty of cool stuff you can buy to support their local humane society.

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