It's two weeks into the new TV season, and a few shows are all ready on the brink of being dropped.

Shows usually get one or two showings. And, if they don't attract a sizable audience, they are toast.

One such show is Fox's "Utopia."

It's already been cut from two showings a week to one. That's not a good sign.

Now, be forewarned, a couple of these shows haven't even aired yet. So, this list could be false.

However, I watched "Manhattan Love Story" and I have to agree. It was not good.

"Manhattan Love Story" (ABC)

Why you should skip it (according to Business Insider's Kirsten Acuna):

The male lead (Jake McDorman) comes across as so unlikeable it's a wonder why you would want him to connect with the sweet naive, young editor who just moved to New York City. Too much of the show takes place in its weird voice-over narration that as the USA Today put it by the end of the episode you'll want to scream "shut up" at your television."

"Bad Judge" (NBC)

Why you should skip it:

The show seems pretty toned down for a show called 'Bad Judge.' The pilot has undergone several transformations looking a lot less like previews and images that were previously released. Hitfix's Alan Sepinwall says the original version was 'no good' while the final version puts together the new and old scenes 'which results in Walsh's character seeming schizophrenic more than anything.'"

Old and new scenes? "Showrunners" gone? Thursday nights it's up against football?

I'd be amazed if this show makes it to Episode 2.

One show that WILL make it? CBS' "The Big Bang Theory." You read it here first.

Catherine Yeulet/ThinkStock
Catherine Yeulet/ThinkStock

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