So as I was flipping around Thursday night, here's a sample of what I watched. Some ok, some, not really, and some, well you will see.

On TLC I got a double dose of Double D's...First, former 80's pop star Tiffany was on "What not to Wear". As you will be able to see from this commercial for the show, Tiffany has gained some weight. Up Top. (Not that I mind)

Next on Lifetime was a show about a bra boutique fitting women with large breasts called "Double Diva's" (basic cable is getting obsessed with breasts...and I for one couldn't be more for it!) These ladies are having a "Fit"!

And finally, Arsenio Hall is coming back to late night TV...In September. You can't watch 20 minutes of Fox17 without seeing a promo for the New Arsenio Hall show. The promo they play is actually a 2 minute commercial about the FILMING of this promo...

Beginning to wonder what I'm thinking when I watch TV...maybe there's a repeat of "Friends" on somewhere?

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