Superman may have been snubbed but we're not necessarily disappointed by what our state's favorite really is!

While, yes, it is national vanilla ice cream day, let's talk about the real flavors Michigan loves.

When you hear "Michigan Ice Cream" you probably think something like Superman, maybe something like rocky road or even something with Mackinac Island fudge.

However, MLive, citing Twitter geotagging data, says Michigan's favorite is actually cookies and cream!

The data collection was done by and map was created based on over 300,000 tweets about ice cream flavors, as July is National Ice Cream Month.

Now, I love crumbled up chocolate cookies wrapped in tasty ice cream; however, I think Superman has been snubbed here.

There are different flavor combinations that make Superman what it is, and you know it is true Michigan Superman ice cream when those flavors are actually there and aren't just vanilla ice cream dyed other colors.

Brands like Meijer make their "Superscoop" with blue moon ice cream, vanilla and black cherry.

However, in the spirit of being a good sport, we can acknowledge the power of a good scoop of cookies and cream.

Cookies and cream truly is a very versatile flavor, ever had a cookies and cream milkshake? *chef's kiss*

According to MLive, nine other states including Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and Utah.

Despite what has been crowned Michigan's favorite flavor, we all have our favorites. So celebrate what is left of National Ice Cream Month, and indulge in whatever frozen, sweet treats you want!

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