Maybe he said it the way it's supposed to be...

First, Let's Drop All The Political BS Right Here

This is a case of a mispronounced word, not some major political malfeasance, so let's keep the conversation civil.

While recording a 'get out the vote' promo for the upcoming gubernatorial election, former President Barack Obama encouraged all Michiganders to get out and vote. Which you should. Regardless of your allegiances.


Obama pronounced it Michiganders, by saying the state as is commonly pronounced 'Michigan', and then just throwing a -DERS at the end of it.

It Sounds Awkward, But Is He REALLY Wrong Here?

Maybe we are Michiganders. The state name and then -ders.

I think the way most people say it it gets drawn out too far, and then we do the old Midwest over pronunciation of the 'AH' sound so it comes out like Mich-i-GAN-ders. As if we're all male geese. 

My brother, who I have direct sibling rivalry with, says he says Mich-i-ginn-ders. Yeah, but don't most of us pronounce the state as Mich-i-ginn, so that it rhymes with again, as in this well known song by the Accidentals?

It's Michigan and again, not Michigan and A-Gann.

Am I wrong here?

I put forth that maybe Obama's way of saying it might be correct, we're Michiganders.

Even Conan O'Brien agrees with me...kind of...

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