I have always dreamed of winning a million dollars. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to win $500 million! We all have a couple of chances to win a huge lotto prize with both the Power Ball Lottery and Mega Millions Lottery jackpots nearing one-half a billion dollars this weekend.

No one hit the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday night. That jackpot is now at $490 million for Friday night's drawing.

The Powerball jackpot is now at $470 million after no one matched all five numbers in addition to the bonus Powerball during Wednesday night's drawing. The next drawing will be on Saturday night.

Each ticket is $2.

Let's try to visualize just how much money that is...

A $100 bill is 6.14" in length. If we were to take $500 million dollars and ask for that in $100 bills it would be a total of 5 million bills. If you laid these $100 bills out lengthwise they would extend a total of 30,700,000 inches. There are 63,360 inches in a mile...so your line of $100 bills would extend for about 485 miles.

Imagine that...a line of $100 bills that extends from Grand Rapids, MI to St. Louis, MO -- and they are all yours!

But hold on, don't start planning that road trip just yet...When you go to claim your lotto winnings, you can get your winnings over time, or you can take a lump sum cash option. If you take your money in a lump sum, you'll receive a single payment of about $310 million -- about the present cash value of the 30-year annuity. However, after taxes, you'll be left with only about $187,500,000. Which comes out to about one-third of the total jackpot.

So, your $100 bills, laid out end to end would only extend about 160 miles. That's roughly the distance from Grand Rapids to Traverse City...but you still could pick up a $100 bill every 6.14" along the route!

Traverse City here I come!

For more information, check out the Michigan Lottery website.

Good luck! And remember if you win one of the big lottery drawings...I am your BEST friend!


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