Two Grand Rapids city neighborhoods were listed on a national real estate web site's list for red hot real estate sales in 2019.

The real estate news and brokerage site Redfin named Alger Heights on the city's Southeast side as the second hottest real estate neighborhood for 2019. Creston, which was number one on a couple of lists last year, came in at number six.

“Affordability plus quality of life are big draws to the Grand Rapids area. I’ve worked with buyers from Chicago, California, Hawaii and other expensive parts of the country who are looking here because they can get so much more bang for their buck,” said local Redfin agent Shellie Silva, who moved to Grand Rapids from San Diego three years ago. “Homes in neighborhoods with price points below $275,000, like Alger Heights and Creston, are prone to bidding wars and they tend to sell quickly because they’re even more affordable that some other parts of Grand Rapids.”


In Alger Heights, nearly 67% of homes sold for above list price and the typical home was on the market for one week before going under contract so far this year. And in Creston, 59.3% of homes sold for above list price and the typical home went under contract in just six days.

Redfin’s top 10 most competitive markets

  1. White Oaks
  2. Alger Heights
  3. East Arlington, Arlington, Massachusetts
  4. Glenview, Oakland, California
  5. Brattle Station, Arlington, Massachusetts
  6. Creston
  7. AU Park/Friendship Heights, Washington, D.C.
  8. Cambridgeport, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  9. Upper Rockridge, Oakland, California
  10. Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California
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