Call it cocky but when it comes to beer, Michigan's got it on lock. We have some of the best beer the country has to offer so it's no surprise that two Michigan bars appeared amongst the best for beer.

Thrillist put together a list of the "Best Beer Bars in America" which they made clear does not include chains or breweries. So what makes a good beer bar? Thrillist says that all of these bars on the list are doing something to give people the best beer-drinking experience.

...some boast cellars with bottles numbering in the thousands, some have more than 100 taps, and some simply feature a couple dozen expertly curated offerings.

The two bars in Michigan that appeared on the list are 7 Monks Taproom in Traverse City and The Mitten Bar in Ludington. In regards to 7 Monks the article reads:

The 46 taps and robust bottle selection lean heavily on mitten-based brews, though there's also strong Belgian representation..."

They also boast about their wood-fired pizzas. The Mitten is praised for its selection of offering the best of the best beers from Michigan.

As someone who lived in Ludington, The Mitten Bar is awesome! You can drink good beer and check out a live band. Even cooler is that it's connected to a whiskey bar (Barley & Rye) and an Irish pub (Sportsman's) so you can go back and forth between all three places.

7 Monks recently opened a location in Grand Rapids, which might be easier if you live in the area, but the original location in Traverse City is a must visit.

If you have a vacation planned this summer, check out the full list here for a bar you may want to stop at while in town.

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