Brian Kelly had an All-Star coaching staff when he was at Central Michigan, including two graduate assistants who became NFL coaches, and both of them remember a time when he wasn't too nice to them.

Kelly's staff during his short tenure at CMU included current NFL coaches Robert Saleh of the New York Jets and Matt LeFleur of the Green Bay Packers.

The story, which has long made the rounds in coaching circles goes back to when Seleh and LeFleur were graduate assistants at CMU.

Kelly invited them over to his house during the off season for a party, which the pair thought was a pretty cool gesture, seeing how graduate assistants weren't often included in social activities.

But Kelly didn't want them to come over and be entertained, he needed them for something else.

This story was told to ESPN Staff Writer Rob Demovski, and popped up again on Trevor Woods Twitter feed, in light of Kelly's signing a lucrative deal with LSU.

The story was part of a story marking LeFleur's rise from an obscure college coach to the NFL:

On a winter night in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Matt LaFleur and Robert Saleh thought they were invited to a party at the home of their boss, Central Michigan University football coach Brian Kelly.

Turns out, they weren’t on the guest list.

They were on the worker list.

"We shoveled the snow and parked all the cars," Saleh said. "Then, at the end of the night, we had to go get the cars again."

And then they went back to the tiny apartment they shared as graduate assistants and stood around their kitchen table—the one without any chairs.

"We decided that when we’re in that position, we’re never going to treat people the way we got treated," said Saleh, now the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator. "And Matty’s lived up to it."

Now, many in the Twitterverse has responded by saying you've got to pay your dues in any profession, and this is just part of that experience, and I would like to agree with that, except for one thing.

While there is nothing wrong with having some of your assistants help out at your social function, ask them first, and tell them what they'll be doing. Don't invite them to a party and then hand them a shovel. That's a jerk move.

Has Kelly advanced from being a jerk? Maybe, but the lesson wasn't lost on his proteges. They're known as two of the best coaches to work for in the NFL.

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