The Kent County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has announced additional charges in the Ana Carrillo case.

Ana Carrillo's ex-boyfriend's mother and his father's girlfriend are now facing charges in connection to Carrillo's disappearance and murder.

Carrillo's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Hudson, was charged with open murder on Thursday.

Hudson's mother, Nancy DeCamp, is being charged with perjury related to Carrillo's murder. Angela Wilson, Hudson's father's girlfriend man years is being charged with perjury and tampering with evidence. The maximum penalty for a perjury felony is a life in prison.

Hudson's father, Lyle Hudson, was previously charged with felony perjury.

Ana Carrillo was last seen on September 3.

WOOD-TV8 reports that police believe that Hudson lured Carrillo into his home that day under the pretense of picking up her kids. The children are not believed to have actually been in the home.

WOOD also reports that police found blood in Hudson's home and vehicle that link him to Carrillo.

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