The University of Michigan continues to be one of the nations top universities but its not just the education that has the campus so high in the rankings.

We have all known for years that U of M is one of the top schools in the country but also for several years in national rankings, the school ranks in the top for a variety of reasons and not all are academic.

According to MLive, these alternative factors like bars, quality of life, safety, sports participation, student organizations and sustainability are other reasons why the college has such a high score in its overall ranking.

According to Match College's 2021 Ultimate Alternative College Guide, U of M scored 75.4 out of 100 in the study and that was 10 points above the next closest college.

The U of M sports program has been the big draw for students but those bars that surround the campus are also pretty appealing to students and the quality of life in Ann Arbor ranked in the top 4 in the nation.

As a whole, just over 3% of students that attend U of M are a part of some sports program and that is the highest of any college in the country.

There was only one university that had more bars near their campus that Michigan, and that was New York University and they topped the 58 bars that are located near U of M. Still, 58 bars, that is a lot of bars. You might have to go to school to be a doctor in order to have the time to sample 58 bars.

U of M came in the top 4 for students having a great quality of life outside of the classroom. A lot of students don't just choose a university for its merits, but knowing they will be living there for 4 years or more, it matters where they hang their duffle bag.
When I applied for college, I just tried to get into a good school and yes it was U of M but after about a year in, my music career guided me elsewhere but the year I had was a great experience.

So I guess these days when selecting a school, you have to approach it like buying a house.

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