The fall normally brings apple festivals at apple orchards, pumpkin festivals at pumpkin farms, and now there is a U-pick hemp Festival at a hemp farm in West Michigan.

I'm not sure if you will get a hemp ride on a wagon, bob for buds, or walk through a haunted hemp field but if you would like to walk a real hemp field and pick some buds then I know of the perfect fall festival for you.

According to WOOD, The Hemp Train LLC in Greenfield, Michigan, are inviting the public out to pick your own hemp for their first annual U-pick hemp festival.

I have never walk through a field of hemp but having driven by one in Fremont coming back from one of my favorite fishing holes. Funny thing is, I had no desire to walk through the field.

If you are a fan of hemp or just looking for something new to do outside in the fall, then the U-pick hemp festival might be for you.

I'm not sure how the U-pick works but my guess is, you get a bag or basket and go choose the buds you want, they weight it and charge you by the weight.

Some people will smoke their buds they pick while others will use it to make butter, bake goods, teas and treats.

There will also be some vendors on hand if you are into CBD oil and other hemp products.

For those wanting to pay a visit to the U-pick hemp festival, here is a link to the Hemp Train website with all the details.

The festival will take place the first two weeks of October.

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