It was called 'inappropriate' because of something nature gave the cow.

I guess we really don't want to know where milk comes from, because it's a little too much for young people to handle.

In a Facebook post, Northern Michigan resident Abbigail Hamilton tells the story of how her daughter was sent home from school after it was deemed her cow costume was a little too risque for the staff at her high school.

According to the post, Abbigail's daughter Clover (not sure if that's a nickname or not) went to her school's Homecoming Spirit Week theme day dressed as a cow, in a standard store bought cow costume (shown in the post below).

The theme for the dress up day was 'Country Club vs. Country' and since her mom was from rural Elmira, a cow seemed natural to portray country living, seeing as dairy farming is quite common out there.

But the udders of the cow costume were too much for school officials, who sent Clover home for wearing a 'hypersexualized' costume.

Whoa! I get the drift, but I have never thought of cow udders in a way other than that's where milk comes from, but to each their own. To paraphrase Descartes, 'you are what you think' and so if that's the way you think, that's what you'll see.

Perhaps a better question might be, how do you portray a cow without the udders?

At any rate, we're almost to the point now where even having a theme week dress up day is becoming too much for everyone to handle. I just hope Clover was able to make up those tests she missed.


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