Michigan's basketball rivalry with Ohio State doesn't carry anywhere near the venom that the football rivalry does, but some fans from Columbus just can't stand our success on the basketball floor.

Over the weekend, Scarlet and Grey fans were hurling some pretty heavy hate on what they refer to as TTUN (That Team from Up North). It's kind of fun to immerse yourself in their pain, and their lack of spelling skills.

Here are some of the highlights, courtesy of Michigan Nation at 247Sports.com.

“I’d root for anyone against TTUN. I’d root for Bin Laden over the piss and blue. Them winning (on Monday) would be absolutely disaster. Their pompous fans would be intolerable.”

Really? You'd root for Bin Laden? Nice. Nothing says Buckeye love more than rooting for an arch-terrorist. FYI -- I agree that M fans can be intolerable, but have you been in a crowd of Buckeye fans in Ann Arbor after a win? I have. Intolerable is a good word. so, puh-leez, rein it in.

"It would be a disaster. If Ohio State can’t win it, I’m rooting for anyone but Michigan. I absolutely hate them. Can’t stand their school, their team, their colors, their players, their fans. The thing I would hate the most is the stupid look on Moe Wagner’s face. It would be torcher watching them cut down the nets."

I'm not really sure what "torcher" means. Does that mean he's going to set a fire? Oh, he means "torture". Got it. Glad to see that OSU education paid off there, sport. Or did you even go there?

"We all ordered Villanova shirts on Amazon last night. Going to play their fight song all night long. I even got toilet paper with (Michigan’s) logo on it for the bathroom. Anyone but the skunk weasels."

Skunk weasel is an acceptable synonym for a Wolverine. At this point, it's important to note that Wolverines would often chew on Buckeye bark to relieve their constipation.

"Regardless of what happens, it’s a joke. They played a 14 (seed), 6, 7, 9, and 11 to get to the finals. Could it be any easier? They were pretty average all year. Nova is gonna smoke them. This is the fourth best team in the B1G. If they win they win, but not much respect from me as to how they did it."

This is another brilliant observation. You don't get to choose who you play in a tournament, chief. But your school CHOSE to schedule Tulane in football next season. I love cupcakes to, but Michigan opens on the road, at Notre Dame, not at home against Oregon State. Logic 101 must have been filled last semester.

To be fair, not every Buckeye fan spits venom. Here's a nutter pulling for us.

"The Big Ten didn’t get much respect this year. This would be Big for the conference. I also like their coach, the way their team plays together, and I respect that they do it the right way (without cheating). Basketball is completely different than football so I really don’t care if they win."

Hey, how about that?! Good spelling AND grammar. Put a gold star on this paper!

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