Talk about a hands on science class. Some 900 people took part in removing this skeleton from what was once a lake that was used as refrigerator.

Should have used Tupperware.

The most complete ice age mastodon skeleton found in Michigan since the 1940s was recovered this month from the state's Thumb region by a University of Michigan-led team that included Tuscola County teachers who volunteered for the dig. Read more about the find and the project at

University of Michigan via YouTube

You have to admit this *is* pretty neat. I mean it's no raptor or T-Rex but still. That's some (before the dino-cloning) Jurassic Park level stuff.

I have to admit, the way Daniel Fisher was talking about how the people probably were eating the tongue grossed me out a bit. Come on man, I don't need to know that.

I can't imagine how monumental a task it must have been to kill the mastodon for the indigenous people. Like, seriously, consider the word 'Elephant Gun'. Now, take it back 10,000 years ago before there was any guns.

Obviously, they got the job done. And the fact they used a lake to keep the food from rotting make sense too. I mean, you went to the effort of killing a gigantic elephant that I assume has enough meat on it to feed folks for an entire winter. Yeah, you probably don't want it to spoil any time soon.

I'm rambling. So, lets wrap this thing up.

This is neat. - The end.

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