An incident involving campers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula will be featured on the Travel Channel show Tuesday evening.

The Show Will Air On The Travel Channel

If you don't know, the Travel Channel rarely is about travel any more, and more about paranormal stuff that happens to people. Such is tonight's episode of 'These Woods Are Haunted', entitled 'Camping Trip Nightmare' which airs tonight (Tuesday) at 8:00pm and then again at midnight.

According to the description at

A man struggles to overcome his fear after an unknown creature approaches his tent in the dead of night in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

This seems awfully close to another episode of 'These Woods Are Haunted', called 'None Of Us Dared Move' where it says:

A family is terrified when a werewolf crashes their camping trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

If This Stuff Is Going On Up There, No One's Told The Authorities

That's funny, a Google news search of 'werewolf attack upper peninsula' returns zero news stories about that event.

It seems like there's a lot of weird stuff going on in the woods of the UP that has either never been reported to authorities, or it's scared the bejeebus out of folks so badly, that they would rather tell a TV network that does the opposite of what they call themselves.

In other words, I have a feeling if I saw either of these programs, the LAST thing I would want to do is Travel to that place.

Anyway, the show looks like good, solid, time killing entertainment, so here's a link to a clip I believe is from the show so you can get a sense of what people outside of Michigan think goes on in our Upper Peninsula. Click on the 'Kill Or Be Killed' video.

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