A Ferris State professor, who went on a rant about students prior to Winter Semester, has reached a settlement with the school.

Dr. Barry Mehler Posted A Video Rant In January

Dr. Mehler had welcomed the return to in-person schooling at the Big Rapids college by donning a haz-mat helmet for the video, and telling students they were 'vectors of disease' and would be better off not to show up in person.

The professor later said the video, which was also laced with profanity, was done tongue-in-cheek and was posted as a intentionally provocative routine meant to prompt discussion. Mehler later explained the profanity was inspired by a scene from the HBO drama 'Deadwood', and the professor was using it to try and prove a point.

But some students found that point hard to prove, especially when Mehler went on to explain he graded by using random chance.

Mehler And The School Fought Over His Suspension

Students and the administration at the University did not agree, and Mehler was suspended. He fought the suspension and sued to get his job back.


A judge failed to reinstate Mehler, and according to documents obtained by the Associated Press and reported by the Grand Rapids Business Journal, a settlement was reached which gave the professor $95,000 in return for his resignation.

Mehler and the University are also forbidden from criticizing each other. Mehler would have to give up $60,000 of the settlement if he talks badly about the institution. No word on what Ferris would pay for a similar infraction.

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