Yesterday, we told you about a possible kidnapping scheme around Michigan, but turns out it was a prank this entire time.

A teenage girl, from the Flint area, posted a picture on Facebook earlier this week of a shirt tied around her windshield wipers warning people that this was a way for kidnappers to distract woman. Since the story quickly gained national attention, two men have come forward to admit that they are behind it all and are sorry.

Ashley Hardacre Facebook
Ashley Hardacre Facebook

They told Flint Police that they put the plaid shirt on the girl's windshield as a joke and meant no harm. Security footage from the Genesee Valley Mall confirms the story. It also showed that the two guys had left the mall parking lot over an hour before the girl even got to her car.

As happy as we are to hear that this was a joke and there was no actual danger, it's still a good reminder to always be on the lookout for potential threats and to always be aware. Human trafficking is a growing problem in the United States. In Michigan we are ranked #2 for human trafficking.


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