Before the year is over, the space by the Van Andel Arena is going to look greener and have more ambiance.

The Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has approved a $2.1 million grant to renovate the main entrance to Van Andel Arena. According to the Grand Rapids DDA the renovation

...will include the full demolition of the existing plaza and construction of an enhanced public space featuring seating, new trees and landscaping.

The goal is to make the space more inviting not for people going to the arena but for those in the Heartside neighborhood.

In addition to greenery and seating, better lighting and a snow-melt system will be implemented.

The Managing Director of Planning & Design says

The changes will significantly enhance the safety and overall experience of people attending shows and events at the Arena while better integrating the facility into the growing neighborhood...

Demolition will begin this Spring and is expected to be completed by the Fall.

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