As the saying goes, 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', and that's a good thing for some tourists who might be a little too embarrassed to say what happened to them.

No one knows if he meant it or it was an “accident,” but a 15-year-old peed all over a Las Vegas crowd while on a popular attraction.

The teen was 12 stories up ziplining over a crowd when he unleashed his urine stream on several vacationers. Cazimere Ferguson was one of the unwitting victims. “Like, a lot of liquid coming from above us, just showering from head to toe, our back, top of the head dripping down. We thought it was some sort of water maybe some drinks or beer.”

Good thing they didn’t open their mouths for a taste test.

Needless to say, the unnamed kid is in trouble… but not just with authorities. His parents have apologized over and over for the gross act.

I'm not sure what's worse, peeing on people, or making a Prince joke by singing 'Yellow Rain' during the news about like the doofus here did. Bad form, dude.


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