In the last couple of weeks, several of us have received emails, and postcards, asking us to "verify our alumni information". Many of us are skeptical of being asked for information like this -- so I decided to find out what it is all about...

With their upcoming 150th anniversary, the Grand Rapids Public Schools (GRPS) and the Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation (GRPSF) are joining forces to build a strong alumni base and communications platform.

If you went to through the Grand Rapids Public School system, you may have received some emails or postcards asking you to verify this information. The Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation has partnered with an experienced alumni information service called Publishing Concepts Incorporated to validate and update contact information for former GRPS alum. They already have most of this information, they just want to verify that it is correct. Verified records will connect alumni with their alma mater, classmates, GRPS, and GRPSF.

This information will then be used by Alumni Nations, a leader in creating sustainable alumni engagement by identifying supporters through communications, events and activities. This platform will be introduced to the public in 2021.

The information is critical for developing career placement guides to benefit students and alumni. Having this data is an easy way to reach out to someone in a particular field or use as a mentor to encourage one another.

This information will be published in a printed directory. At the end of the call, they will try to sell you a pretty pricey hardcover directory. There is also a digital version of the directory available for a slightly lesser cost. (Anything that has a pricing plan of "just two easy payments of...." is too highly priced for my liking! You can certainly opt out of any purchases.) I think many years ago I had a directly like this mailed to me. I don't remember if it was something I purchased at the time, or how I ended up receiving it.

So this is a legitimate request. Help the Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation by taking the time to verify your alumni information.

If you have any further questions about this project, please contact the Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation directly at or call (616) 988-5430.

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