A viral post on the Grand Rapids reddit forum appears to show a man walk up to a Grand Rapids home while holding a firearm. The video was captured by the homeowner and posted on the Ring Neighbors social media app.

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The video, labeled 'Gun man at my door' was shared on the Neighbors App around 11am on Tuesday and has subsequently gone viral online.

Although the Neighbors app doesn't provide exact locations, the map zone shows that the incident took place near the intersections of Prospect & Franklin SE. While the poster on reddit says this is the East Hills neighborhood, it appears to be closer to the South Hills and Madison areas in Grand Rapids.

📷 Ring Neighbors App
📷 Ring Neighbors App

The original poster on reddit, u/i_am_human_not_alien, says this about what happened:

It says “unexpected activity”. As someone who was almost hit by a stray bullet on my porch last summer, I know that gunman a walking around a neighborhood involves ALL who live in the neighborhood. I obviously can’t say whether or not this was literally “random” or if the person filming this was expecting him to come at that hour, but this man is openly carrying a gun in a neighborhood with a “blood” tattoo. Saying it was “not random” doesn’t make this encounter seem any more friendly IMO.

Obviously no one is sure of the man's intentions, but if you happen to recognize him, you can contact Silent Observer and report the incident anonymously.

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