A party that started in an open parking lot on Bridge Street ended in gun fire early Saturday. A local resident caught some of the action on his security camera.

The loud and raucous party, spilled out in to the streets as it broke up at around 2:00 Saturday morning (July 3) when several gun shots were heard.

Many weren't sure if the pops they heard were fireworks or gun fire, but the video shows some people on the street crouching behind cars to avoid being shot.

The video of the incident was posted by Mathies Champagne, who lives in the neighborhood. In posting the clip to the Grand Rapids subreddit, he explained:

The last two nights there has been a giant block party on our street, apparently being run out of (abandoned building on Bridge). Our neighbors called the police the first night, as the party went on until after 3 am and basically shut our street down. The police allegedly said they would not do anything about it.

Last night the party was bigger than Friday and eventually resulted in this shootout. Police arrived shortly after.

The owners of the building indicated later told WOOD-TV 8 News they had nothing to do with the party, and that apparently people had let themselves into the structure.

Grand Rapids Police later told WOOD News that Officers on the scene heard the gunshots and saw several party participants running away, pretty much as shown in the video.

The incident was among six shooting incidents reported over the Holiday weekend in Grand Rapids by GRPD. All told, seven were injured by the gun play. No one was injured in the Bridge Street shooting.


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